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I can talk or write about anything, but writing about myself is always difficult. I love animals and I don’t eat them. I love words. I love expression. I’m from New York. Born and raised. Puerto Rican. My heart is like the beat of a bongo. Simple. Complex. Flawed. I’m SJP’s biggest groupie. When I’m hungry, art and music feed my soul. Spiritual not religious. Irreverent. Outspoken. Broken. Strong. Stubborn. Opinionated. Humble. A good friend. Lesbian. Hater of deadbeat fathers. Lover of life. Natural. Nature calms me. The sky speaks to me. I am a million things. Not all of them pretty. I am me.

  1. Hi Vanessa
    Just bumped into your website, really good stuff on coping with stress! I am a therapist based in Penzance here in the UK, running workshops and 121 sessions, specialising in up-skilling my clients to help them better cope with anxiety and low mood. I was wondering if I might be able to use the stressed man image you have, to go on some handouts I am pulling together to try and engage men, who are painfully difficult to engage and get to admit they have a stress problem. The tone of the picture is perfect for the area I practice iin.
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Kind regards

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