Life-Passion: What’s Mine?

I decided to take a look at my blog roll today, the inspirational blogs specifically – and I am so glad I did.  I visited one of my favorite sites, Live Bold & Bloom and something caught my eye in the side-panel.  The 52-Week Life Passion Project – The Path to Uncover Your Life Passion.  I was intrigued and clicked on the link.  I downloaded the first chapter via the site (link here) and I was hooked.  I will be purchasing this book today!

I Instagram’d the book cover and someone commented, “I used to write, which I thought was your passion found and lived…”

I had to think about it for a moment.  Words.  They are definitely my passion.  I know it with every fiber of my being. But I am not LIVING my passion. I am not doing anything fulfilling with my words.  I journal.  I blog.  I write for myself.  I toy with writing a novel.  But I still feel completely restless.  I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing with my words.

My words, they are what has kept me sane.  Kept me going.  The one thing that has always remained a constant in my life.  They have been patient with me.  They have never abandoned me… even when I have abandoned them.  They reveal answers to me without belittling me.  They have been there with me on my darkest of nights.  And they have saved me time and time again, from myself.

I am totally head over heels in love with words.

Now what the hell am I supposed to be doing with them?

Great question! So I plan to take this journey, with this lovely book.  And hopefully my life passion will become abundantly clear to me.  I’m excited.

Vanessa xoxo

  1. My life passion is also words, and I use them a great deal! Sometimes I try to bring new words into my posts, sometimes I reuse words which seem to have fallen by the wayside, it’s fun and it can be something of a challenge.
    Viktoria Michaelis recently posted..Spring CleaningMy Profile

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