This Christmas…

The holidays are approaching – they are always bitter-sweet for me.  I love the them but somehow they are never what I want them to be. I don’t come from a large family, and my own family has been a broken one for many years.  I always fantasize about these large gatherings with lots of food and laughter, but mine are much more quiet and intimate… and just a tad bit dry.  I guess “dry” is a little bit better than the Christmases of my youth that were usually filled with domestic violence and police officers, but still.

This year will be the first Christmas in 19-years that I will be without my children and the first in my 35-years of life without my mother.  They are all alive and well, but will be in NYC… and I will be home in North Carolina.  Wow… North Carolina is home.

It will be a very emotional day for me.

You can’t tell by this post how much I actually adore this time of year. lol  The Christmas carols, the decorations, the opportunity to GIVE to your loved ones and see their smiling faces.  All of it makes my heart happy.

I am going to try to make the very best of my holiday… maybe start some new traditions.

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?


Vanessa xoxo

  1. Definitely the beginnings of new traditions for me this year… the holidays have always brought about a renewed sense of hope for me; and a chance for a change of pace and new beginnings right before the start of the new year. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family and loved ones. Didn’t the Jackson 5 sing about giving LOVE on Christmas Day. That’s the best present money can’t buy.
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  2. I am also far away from my family, living and studying in Germany while my Dad is still in Kansas, but this isn’t my first Christmas away from home. Hard to say what I like the most about this festive season, perhaps the feeling that everyone comes together in a mood of joy and peace, mostly. But sharing the Christmas season with someone special, even when you’re away from home, that is what makes it special.
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