My Mind is Made Up! Today Will Be A Good Day!

Had a good cry and now I’m ready to start my day. It’s so hard each day to smile and laugh and interact with people… But it’s a choice I make. The alternative is to whine and be miserable and fall into a depression. I’m just not that person. I make a conscious decision each day to be happy and push through the mind blowing pain that comes with rheumatoid arthritis. I am humbled daily as I struggle to do things that should require little to no effort. And although I have always been a compassionate person, this has opened my eyes in a way that I think can only happen through experiencing something like this.

My heart bleeds for those that suffer with chronic pain…

It has become a painful reality in my life… but I have so much to be thankful for… And I will focus on those things.


Vanessa xoxo

  1. *hugs* I appreciate not only your strength, but you sharing with the rest of the world…as someone may be able to glean the motivation that they need from you.

  2. Aww I can’t say that I can relate, but thanks for sharing your story. Like you stated up in the post, look at the things that are positive.
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    • My dad also has suffered from ruiamhtoed arthritis for years and was treated with prednisone. In December of 2005 due to his lowered immune system he got a staff infection that attacked his spinal cord. He has been in a wheelchair ever since. Being that his mobility was affected he started to gain wait. He decided to try a low carb diet to lose weight. Since then he has lost about 60 pounds and has NO arthritis pain unless he cheats and eats too much gluten. I don’t know if your dad would be willing to try it but there is a lot of information that links gluten intolerances with arthritis inflammation.

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