Ready or Not Charlotte – Here We Come!

Public Storage, Charlotte NC

We did it!  We reserved our storage unit in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The boo has already had a  job offer and I am sure others will follow.  It won’t be long now before I am calling Charlotte home.  I am excited and scared and totally out of my mind… but somehow I feel at peace with this move.  I love NY with all of my heart but I am telling myself it’s okay to love someplace else as well.  And I do… love Charlotte.




Our Unit

This is our unit… all 10′x15′ of it!

Lucky Number 26!

Well I don’t know if it’s my lucky number, but it is my birthday… I’ll take it as a good sign! :)

I am looking forward to documenting this amazing journey.  New York has been my home for my 34 years of life and leaving will not be easy.  I know what I will miss most will be the many wonderful friendships that I have cultivated here, but I know those friendships will withstand the 600+ miles that I am going to put between us.

Who doesn’t want someplace to stay in a beautiful city like Charlotte? :P

Vanessa xoxo

  1. Wow!!! I applaud u for your courage n strength to make that move cause NY can be addictive. My family n I are moving to Charlotte from NY this July n we are excited!! We love it there it’s beautiful!!we can’t wait!

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