Will This Turn Into a Rheumatoid Arthritis Blog?

If things continue the way they have been, yet it will.  This unwanted addition to my life has seemingly become my life.

I am struggling to find the lesson to be learned in this.  It is finally time for me to put all of my positive psycho babble to use… and I just can’t seem to find the silver lining.  I am going to have to shell out over $500 per month for health insurance because the system is so fucked up. I just started taking meds for Fibromyalgia which may help ease some of the pain associated with the RA, but it will do nothing to help with the symptoms and progression of it.

The daily pain and limitations are truly humbling and mind blowing.  It is starting to sink in… this is real.

Today I thought reading blogs of others with RA would help, but it only scared the shit out of me.

Do you or anyone you know have RA?  If so, share your/their feel good remedies!



Vanessa xoxo

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