Ask – Believe – Receive: Attracting the Job You Want!

You must ask the Universe for what you want.  You must then BELIEVE that the Universe will fulfill your request.  You must then be OPEN to RECEIVE your blessing.

I am applying this law of attraction to my current job search.  Often times we take a job we know we won’t be happy with simply because we NEED the money.  I am trying with all of my might to not let money be the driving force in this process.  I don’t want to find myself in the same situation I am currently in, which is feeling sick to my stomach every day on my way to work. Some people criticized my decision to quit my job without having anything lined up.  My response to them was, “I have faith that I will find something” … and I know I will find something… but I don’t want to commit to just anything.  I want a job that is right for me.

You can attract to you the job you desire with the power of your mind.

I claim the job of my dreams.

I will have the job that I desire.

I will be successful in any position that I choose.

I will be a priceless asset to any company that I work for.

The job that I want is already mine.

And so it is!

Vanessa xoxo

  1. take out where the word ‘will’ appears in your affirmations and you will cease being kept in the state of ‘don’t quite yet, but will eventually’ have the job of your dreams…

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