“A Body of Art” Giveaway!!!

A Body of Art book signing

A Body of Art is a collection of poetry by Marsha Badger; a passionate and wonderful poet and writer.  I read her book cover to cover as soon as I got my hands on it and I am confident that you’ll love it too!

Take a look at what people are saying!

A Body of Art is a compilation of raw emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Marsha definitely bled her heart on the page. I love it! ~Glennisha Morgan

The interpretation of your raw emotion on paper is outstanding. Many do not have the gift of words nor the ability to convey them so effortlessly. Amazing talent from an amazing person. ~Diandra Farquharson

I am giving away a copy of A Body of Art to the lucky person who can submit a six line poem creatively incorporating the title of the book within the poem.  The person who submits the most creative piece will receive a free copy along with another surprise gift.

You can submit your poem in the form of a comment.  All poems will be reviewed  by Miss Badger herself and a winner will be chosen and announced on the  blog.  Please don’t forget to include your name and email address along with your poem submission.

Looking forward to reading your submissions!  Happy writing!!

A Body of Art

Vanessa xoxo

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