Reasons to SMILE!

So every day we can all think of 100′s of reasons to frown, right? Well today let’s think of ALL the MANY reasons we have to smile!

If you are reading this then you have the gift of SIGHT! #smile

If you are breathing right now, then you have the gift of LIFE! #smile

If you are at work while browsing, then you are employed! #smile

If you are on your lunch break right now, then you are blessed with food! #smile

If you are at home reading this, then you have shelter! #smile

If you are getting annoyed with this goody goody post right now, get over yourself and then SMILE! :)

Still not smiling?

What about puppies??? Puppies are a reason to smile!!!

Okay, not into pups?  What about kittens? Kittens make you want to smile!

NOT working for you?  Okay… let’s try babies!  Babies make EVERYONE smile!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Okay if SIGHT, LIFE, EMPLOYMENT, FOOD, SHELTER, KITTENS, PUPPIES, and ROLLERSKATING BABIES didn’t make you smile, you need help!  Go find it… but make sure you do it with a SMILE! :)

Vanessa xoxo

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