Reaping What I Sew

BE the light you seek!

The phrase, “You reap what you sew,” is usually said with regards to negative situations… but it proves to be true in just about any situation.

You can’t put a pile of poop in the oven and expect a cake to pop out an hour later.  You will ALWAYS grow what you harvest.

Are you harvesting negativity in your life? Well then, don’t be surprised when things aren’t going your way… actually I take that back… they are going exactly YOUR WAY.

Things have been going so unbelievable well for me, and I attribute it all to my dedication to CHOOSING to be POSITIVE… even when things are seemingly bad.

I am finding silver linings left and right, my glass is always half full and I never have to look for the light at the end of the tunnel… I AM THE LIGHT!

Today and EVERY day, I CHOOSE joy!  And so it is!


Vanessa xoxo

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