Seasons Change… But Your Mood Doesn’t Have To!

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

As we bid summer a farewell, some of us are more ready than others.  Seasonal changes affect much more than just the climate.  They affect our mood and state of mind as well.  Autumn for many is the gateway to the inevitable “winter blues.”

This is the time of year when those that are not in relationships may feel a little lonely.  It is also a time of reflection as the end of the year draws near, and we beat ourselves up as many unaccomplished goals reach their invisible deadline.  Sitting home on a cold wintery Saturday night with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues is a reality for many.  As children are planning Halloween costumes and carolers are readying for a winter wonderland, many are already counting the days till spring.

This is the perfect time to start getting yourself mentally prepared for the cold weather ahead.  Here are some ways to beat those winter blues:

  • Embrace the season:  Get out and enjoy all of the things autumn and winter have to offer!  Apple picking, host a night of scary movies and hot cocoa with friends, do some community service (i.e. rake leaves or shovel snow for the elderly), go sledding or ice skating, etc.
  • Avoid binge drinking in times of loneliness.
  • Try to set small achievable goals as your resolutions & ACT ON THEM!
  • Exercise!  Who doesn’t feel good after a great workout? Join a gym or take long walks around your favorite neighborhoods.
  • Join a meet up group (  It’s a great site to find groups that cater to your interests and hobbies!
  • Try to get out and enjoy the daylight hours as much as possible, that way coming in from the cold to the coziness of your home will be a welcomed treat!
  • If you find yourself home alone, blast some music, indulge in some wine, paint your nails or send handmade cards to your loved ones just because!
  • Don’t wear drab dull clothing!  Make sure to keep bright colors in your fall/winter wardrobe and experiment with new shades of lipstick and nail polish!
  • KEEP A JOURNAL!  If you find yourself feeling a little blue… get it out on paper, write a poem, free write… just get it out of your system!
  • Every city has great things to do during the cold months!  Do a little research and take the opportunity to fall in love with the season, with your city and most importantly, with yourself!

ENJOY!!! <3

Vanessa xoxo

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