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Chris Coon (credit: Ask A Million)


Chris Coon is a homeless man in New York City.  He is doing something very unique; a social experiment of sorts.  Chris started off with the goal of asking one-million people for a dollar.  Things have changed slightly, he is now asking one-million people to buy a poem of his for one-dollar.  He actually has six different poems and would love to sell one-million of each.  Chris is a father and step-father and is struggling to provide for his family.  Chris pounds the pavement each day trying to reach his goal like his livelihood depends on it… because it does.

He provides stats on his site which allows people to track his progress.

I have not made the best desisions in my life. I admit that. But I will make better ones from this point forward. I will be asking everyone I come in conatct with to buy a poem and to check out my site. I might start to advertise in the paper for more traffic to my site and might try to get a million affiliates on my site… How awesome would that be. I am working to make my life better by thinking differently than I have in the past. Nobody is responsible for me except for me… so I got to take resposibility for myself. I will take care of my family by what ever means are available. ~Chris Coon

Chris has made some mistakes, but haven’t we all?

This Sunday October 9th, Chris will be feeding the homeless at Union Square park.  He is asking people to bring HEAT SEALED sandwiches, snacks and beverages.  Chris is even using some of his own hard earned money to make it happen.  If you wish to make a donation or buy his poetry, you can do so on his site.

Chris’ story is inspiring and his determination and drive are admirable.  Although homelessness seems so far away from us… the truth is that many of us are only a few paychecks away from it.  Back in May a friend and I did a homeless experiment to raise money for a shelter.  We were homeless for 24hrs … it was a truly humbling and eye-opening experience.  What I endured in those 24-hours is LIFE for so many… day in and day out.  I cannot even begin to imagine what a life like that is like… and is that really a LIFE?

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris last night; he wasn’t pushy or obnoxious and wasn’t looking for pity.  He was friendly and personable.  I gave him some change that I had on me that didn’t amount to a dollar, but he gave me a poem anyway.

Please take a moment to visit Chris’ site and help him reach his goal.  <3



Vanessa xoxo

  1. Hey thanks for the moral support and the article. i hope you can make it today also. Much love to you and good Luck in DC

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