Week in review…

Lot’s happened this week:

Steve Jobs died :(

Snooki realized she had sex with Vinny during a drunken blackout… again.

I spazzed out at work… again.

I adopted a daughter via Twitter… she’s 18 and cute as a button, much like real daughter who I get to see next week YAY!

I did the MC Hammer dance for the guys at the breakfast truck while wearing my harem pants.

The scale continues to lie to me.

I started taking vitamins again.

Went on a date with the boo… Saw the movie Abduction… pretty decent.

I tweeted Ryan Gosling and asked him for some sperm.

Managed to get to work before 9am ONE day this week. Go me.

The iPhone 4S was released.  I want her…  BAD.

I submitted a freelance article… and put in a bid for two others.

I wrote in my journal every day this week.

I’ve had my gym clothes with me all week… and I’ll be damned… I didn’t go NOT ONCE. smh

I put a plan into action… can’t reveal it though.

I drank lots and lots of water.

Caught up with an old friend who shall remain nameless for safety reasons. smh & LOL’ing

I am sure there is more… but this is all I have for now.  I have a busy weekend ahead of me… will take lots of pix and post on Monday!

Vanessa xoxo

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