At all costs…

The days are flying by and my last day at my current job is fast approaching.  So the question lingering in my head is… What do I want to do next? I am not totally sure what the answer to that is except… NOT WHAT I AM DOING NOW! I never want to do this again!  I feel like robot punching away at keys, facing the wall and doing the same crap every day.  It requires NO thought, NO creativity and me NO likey!

Waking up each day to go to a job you hate is torture.  I want to LOVE what I do, and do what I LOVE.  I want each day to be filled with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  I want to interact with people and be a part of a creative process.

Now, the hard part… getting the job I want with this crap I have been doing for sixteen years on my resume.

I WILL make it happen though.  I just WON’T settle for anything less!

Vanessa xoxo

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