My fabulous weekend in a nutshell

Friday I called out of work… was feeling so achy and fatigued that I just could not get myself out of the bed.  I did though.  The boo came back home and we went tanning, grabbed some food at Peppino’s, did some laundry and watched a couple of movies on Netflix. At Peppino’s I had a personal puttanesca pizza… holy moly… let’s just say I will definitely be paying Peppino’s another visit.  They were super sweet and even gave us dessert on the house!  Didn’t know places even did that anymore!

This is Peppino’s…

On Saturday, Tracy and I lounged around until it was time to get ready for brunch with some great friends.  Drinks were UNLIMITED… we should have taken some before and after photos.  LOL

This was definitely an after-shot. :)

On Sunday Tracy was off to visit grandma while I recovered from a bit of a hangover.  I did manage to try my hand at painting again… this was the result…

Attempt #2

We ended the weekend with the season premiere of DEXTER, which I am told is BIG… I slept through most of it but the boo seemed to enjoy it!

When I came into work this afternoon, my co-worker looked at me and told me that I looked pale and washed out… I did mention I went tanning right?  LOL  Guess I will have to kick it up a notch next time! :)

Vanessa xoxo

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