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We ARE Troy Davis

If you don’t know who Troy Davis was, beat it.  Google him and come back later.  I am not going to regurgitate the wildly publicized details of  his case and execution.

I am ashamed of our country and the blatant and extreme disregard we have for human life.

Whether Troy Davis was guilty or innocent is not the issue.  The issue is the fact that our judicial system FAILED to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  With all of the inconsistencies, the recanted witness testimonies, the jurors that came forth to say they entered a wrong verdict and a possible confession from another party that was present… there is NO way this man should have been executed.

We have been fed false ideals of democracy.  The people spoke yesterday… loud and CLEAR… but our cries were not heard.

We are all in danger of a falling prey to a system that very clearly DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US.

Last night Troy Davis felt like my family… my father, my son, my brother… and my heart wept for him.

I hope and pray that we do NOT forget the anger and passion that we feel at this moment.  Please continue to fight to abolish the death penalty so that another potentially innocent man or woman does not suffer Troy Davis’ fate.

Check out innocence projects in your state:  www.innocenceproject.org

Join the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty:  www.ncadp.org

Join Amnesty International in their fight to end Capital Punishment and protect HUMAN RIGHTS:  www.amnesty.org

Please feel free to comment and share links and or information with regards to putting an end to this cruel, barbaric and very hypocritical practice.





Vanessa xoxo

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