So, I quit my job.

Sorry for the profanity, but this was just funny! LOL

Without a back-up plan.  It’s strange though… I feel incredibly at peace about it.  I know that I am going to find something amazing… someplace that appreciates me… where each minute is not taxing to my soul.  I have given them twelve years of my life.  That was just sheer laziness on my part.  This place should have just been a stepping stone, not a resting place.  Well you know what?  RIP to this b*tch!  I am OUT!

My resignation is effective 12/31/2011.

I plan to start 2012 in a new place with a new outlook on life.  I’m excited.

I have COMPLETE faith that everything will not just be fine, BUT INCREDIBLE.


Vanessa xoxo

  1. What kind of work did you do? I admire your courage to do this. It takes a great amount of faith! As soon as I get some cash saved up my desire is to do the same. My goal is to work with aged-out foster care kids. That’s where my passion is. I am working in a political job now. So, I
    wish you the best!

    • Currently doing bookkeeping.. BUT I NEVER want to do it again LOL Thank you.. feel great about it… as I am on my way out.. and more of the negative becomes evident to me… all I can say is… WHAT THE HECK TOOK ME SO LONG??? :)

  2. wow that is really admirable, there is nothing worst then being someplace you dread walking in to every day, I know you’ll do fine, the universe will take care of you

  3. You are my hero!

    I’ve been in my own job for 11 years (which I chalk up to laziness also), so I admire your bravery in stepping out into the unknown. Good luck, but I know you’ll be okay. :-)

    • Thank you! It is scary but it’s scarier staying in this place.. in this space.. where I am so miserable. The only thing worse than not finding a job.. would be staying her with the what-ifs running wild in my head… You can do it! :)

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