My price tag.


If we were selling a personal treasure that were near and dear to our heart, WE would determine the price.  It would be hard because how does one put a value on something that is invaluable?  Eventually we would come to a price that we feel comfortable with; it may or may not be slightly negotiable… but more than likely our price would be firm.  We’d probably fuss internally about whether or not we priced it high enough.

I would like to pose the question then, WHY DO WE ALWAYS SELL OURSELVES SHORT?

Mind boggling.

I have been with the same company for close to twelve years.  I am not making nearly enough. Every time they have the opportunity to make a positive change within the company, they disappoint. I have “perks” snatched away from me while new additions to my workload pile on.

I am tired.

Why am I still here?

Why have I allowed someone else to determine my worth?  Why have I allowed someone else to limit my growth and put a cap on my earning?

I am an incredible asset to this company.  I won’t/can’t allow it one minute longer.

I know that times are hard.  Most would probably tell me to be thankful to have a job.  I am… BUT they should also be thankful to have me.

I tweeted earlier, “Life is full of forks in the road.”  I feel like this is one of those defining moments. I am being face with the decision to take a leap of faith.

I can step out and take a risk, or I can stay where it feels safe.

I feel like it’s time to close my eyes, put my right foot forward and trust my heart.  Lord knows I haven’t made the best decisions with my eyes wide open.

Send me good vibes.


Vanessa xoxo

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