Featured Artist: Maresa “Dread” Singh

Artist Bio:

Maresa “Dread” Singh was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has developed a strong passion for photography and art within the past few years and feels the need to share her passion with the world. Her goal in life is to show a million pair of eyes what they have never seen, in any and every way possible.

Dread picked up photography as a hobby because she enjoys memories. Her hobby turned into a passion. Photography is her passion and wants nothing more in life than to fulfill this passion. A few artists who have inspired her beyond measure are Vincent van Gogh, David LaChapelle, and Ansel Adams just to name a few.  She truly believes photography is an art, an art that can be expressed through the lens and the eye of the beholder.  Dread travels to as many places each year in hopes of capturing something great enough to put on your walls. She sells prints which can be found on her online store listed below.

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