I just finished watching Into My Silence (by Dennis Gable), and it moved me deeply.  I am not religious and don’t abide by any one set of rules.  I instead choose to take the most amazing practices from various religions and live by them.

I try to be a good person.  I love freely.  I respect others.  I pray and give thanks.  I do my very best to be compassionate and kind…

I am only human though, and I make mistakes.  I have hurt people… but I do apologize… and ask for forgiveness.

Every once in a while though…even though I am not religious… I feel this incredible presence that reduces me to tears.  Something so much larger than me.  In those moments, I feel incredibly humbled and small.

The opening line in this video… “I’m real tired… I’m real tired… there’s a lot happening… and some of it I don’t really know what to do with… some of it I do…” Wow.  That hit home.

There are times when life is so overwhelming; we just need to STOP… and be SILENT.  You’d be surprised… the answers that are revealed to you in silence.

Religious or not, I encourage everyone to watch this video.



Vanessa xoxo

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