Queen City.

I wish instead of pounding away at these keys, I were on the open road with my feet on the dash.  I miss Charlotte.  I miss the scent of the air, Pamela and Sandra’s porch and I miss the calmness that I feel when I am there.  It’s only eleven hours from New York; I could wake up on a Saturday morning and be here by nightfall if I needed a dose of my beloved birthplace.  I don’t know, but there is something in me that feels so done here.  I want a home. I want grass.  I want a backyard.  New York can feel so cramped at times.  Look at me insulting the most amazing city in the world… and it is… the absolute most amazing city in the world.  I love it most around this time of year… on the cusp of summer and fall.  The air starts to get crisp, all the kiddies go back to school, Halloween decorations are soon to appear and there is this energy that I just can’t describe… but it’s not enough.  I guess it’s just me getting older.  I’m more easily annoyed.  I am over the club thing.  Eh… and the Lesbian scene here… it’s for the babies now.

I feel like recently, I have grown leaps and bounds.  Maybe New York doesn’t fit me anymore.  It’s a scary thought… but I am ready for change.

Tracy feels somewhat the same, but we have decided to try a few more things before renting that U-Haul. She seems to think that we can fit all of our shit in one of those $19.95 jammies.  It ain’t going down. LOL

Vanessa xoxo

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