the darkness.

Insane how people love the darkness that they’re used to.  i am guilty. i am at my highest level of creativity when i am at my lowest.  i think all artists are. why is pain so intriguing?  we don’t wanna hear the happy stories.  we wanna hear when things go terribly wrong.  when people are down and out.  when they have lost their way.  that makes for a good story.  is it because it makes us feel better about our own situations? maybe. when we hear about how well someone is doing.  it just makes our dark place seem that much darker.  and as much as we hate it there. we love it just the same.  there is this renaissance kind of tragic beauty in pain. in darkness.  the tears. the bloodied hands that claw their way through life. it’s poetic.  we can all relate.  covered in blood we all look the same. living deep within the damp well of darkness can feel comfortably uncomfortable.  its easy to hide there. but it forces you to look inward. to seek answers. why? why? why god why? why me? god never answers though. or does she? have our ears been clogged by the murky waters of misery? have the toxic fumes of sadness dulled our senses? blurred our vision?  or do we just turn away willingly?  unable to leave the dark place that feels like home.

Vanessa xoxo

  1. I was just telling this to Dread the other day. She asked me why I rarely shoot photos anymore and I said because I am not inspired. The darkness and anything sad, morbid, pain, love lost heightens my creativity and my motivation. I think I don’t know what to do when I am happy, sometimes it’s overwhelming its like that quote by frida “I tried to drown my sorrows but the bastards learn how to swim and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling” anyway I think artist create from the darkness, from the pain because not only is it motivating but it’s also therapeutic, helps you get through things. my inspiration is always sadness, it’s so twisted anyway love this blog I really identify 

    • It is extremely frustrating… my insides are bubbling… I wanna write so badly sometimes… and there just this blankness… ugh… explains why most successful artists are an effin MESS!

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