Releasing some stuff to make room for more stuff.

I have been meaning to write for days now.  Leaving NYC for the weekend… North Carolina bound… and extremely excited.  My spirit needs a break from here.

Things are working in my favor lately, which is a bit scary… almost never happens… BUT my thoughts are still scattered and I continue to drive myself crazy creating mental TO-DO lists incessantly.  Truly is enough to drive someone mad.

I went to the birthday party of someone I admire very much this week… a woman I have been dying to meet.  She is a wonderfully passionate writer making her dreams come true.  It gives me hope.  It felt incredible to be in the presence of such strong and positive women.  Some people exude an energy… a light… and it draws people in… like a moth to a flame… whatever it is… she has it.  I want that fire in me.

Anyway… I am buying a new journal this weekend… I want to jot down all of what North Carolina makes me feel… and doesn’t.


Vanessa xoxo

  1. This was exciting to read! Glad things are going your way.. Raised a thought in me: Maybe I should invest in a journal.

  2. You definitely should! I purchased one this weekend… and started writing.. it is incredibly good for the soul… to release… and write all of the things that sometimes are just simply inappropriate for the internet… get a pretty one.. and a pretty new pen.. make yourself a cocktail… put on some relaxing music and write… I also purchased some new books… one by Deepak Chopra and one called The TAO of Writing.. I am mucho excited! :)

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