Well this isn’t much fun.

The only thing I seem to have to write about is how much fucking pain I am in.  I am sure it’s extremely intriguing to my once-upon-a-time readers. NOT!

Today is like, completely ridiculous. Everything is hurting. My joints and muscles feel taut and uncomfortable.  My entire body is pulsing with a resonating pain that won’t quit.  And that is just what I feel like doing, quitting.  I feel like laying in the bed, eating myself into an oblivion, crying and hiding under the covers.  Life doesn’t allow that though.  I have to put a smile on and go through my day as if I am A-OKAY!

Two things I managed to do today:

  • Found a new Rheumatologist
  • Found a massage place that charges $42 for 60 minutes!

Soooooooooooooooooooo, let’s see if a new doctor can offer me some better ways of managing this pain.  This MIGHT mean giving up things like pizza, pasta, salsa…. anything tomato-ey… SODA and Red Bull for sure… *screams* and God only knows what other of my favorite things to ingest I will have to give up.  Hmmpf.

I WILL NOT TAKE MEDS THAT DO NOT ALLOW ME TO DRINK LIQUOR!!!  What are they, INSANE?  Life without Wine, Hennessy, Vodka & Rum? That’s where I draw the line!

I refuse to dedicate this space to this stupid disorder.   I will drink some wine tonight and write something actually worthy of reading.

Vanessa xoxo

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