Let it be…


This word has such a negative connotation.  I have been guilty of associating it with failure, giving up, letting someone or something defeat me… just being unable to “win.”

I know that my inability to surrender has hindered my growth at times.  I asked my friends on Face Book, “What does the word surrender mean to you?”  I got answers like, give up, no fight, can’t do it anymore, etc.  I thought it was interesting because most of the responses had negative undertones.

One person said, “Let it be…”  I thought it was such a great answer.

Let it be… sounds so simple.

I just wanted to say it over and over again… let it be… let it be… Vanessa… just let it be…

I have fought so many battles that didn’t need to be fought.  Held on to toxic people and relationships that the universe was trying to rid me of… but I refused to surrender… refused to let it be.  I subjected myself to years of abuse and unhealthy situations in the name of getting what I thought I needed… getting my way.   I prayed for relief, for a better way, for an OUT… all I needed to do was surrender… let go… throw my hands up… let it be.

As I get older, I realize the err of my ways.  I think of the years that were so hard for me, that didn’t have to be.  It’s a pity that these revelations only come with age… with experience.  I can’t say I have any major regrets, as I have learned some invaluable lessons.  Just wish those lessons didn’t come with such a heavy price. TIME.

I no longer view surrendering as a sign of weakness.  It takes great strength… to know when TO FIGHT and TAKE CONTROL of a situation… and to know when, and be ABLE to, surrender and just let it be.

Vanessa xoxo

  1. I posted this on Facebook as well and received this private message.

    “I just finished reading “let it be”… Its hard to put in words what I felt as I read each word Vanessa. I cried.. I smiled… Cried again.. And smiling as I type this. I had to make the biggest sacrafice I could make for the safety of myself and my son. I had to let my marriage go due to her physical,emotional, and verbal abuse. After years of enduring it, while she had an emotional affair with her first love. Reading “let it be” made me go back to the photos I took of the bruises she left behind. I feel strength by reading this. I feel like I surrendered for better. I feel like I wasent defeated… In fact, I won the battle with a few scars. I want to thank you for the hope and peace you gave me just by writing exactly what I shouldve been feeling. Thank you.”

    I was moved to tears. It’s wonderful when your writing touches someone.

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