Trying to digest it all…

A few things on the brain…

The prospect of moving away continues to become more of a reality, and more appealing.  I love my NEW YORK.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I do.  However, there is something tugging at my heartstrings, something pulling me a little further south.

I have this overwhelming sense of peace that tells me… “You will be okay anywhere,” and I believe it.  Life after all, is what we make it.  I would miss the faces of the people that I love dearly… and the palpable energy that my beloved New York radiates.  She lives inside me though… I AM New York… and I will be… wherever I go… wherever life should take me.

Funny how quickly life can change, a new love, a new home, a new perspective, a new outlook… I have never been so excited about what is to come.  But then again, I have never had, someone by my side, that makes me feel so safe… that makes me feel that it’s okay to dream… that together we can make anything our minds could manifest, a reality.

I thought I had certain wants and needs, but she does this thing… she offers a comfort that satisfies a part of me, that I didn’t even know was craving something.  It happens all the time.  As we laid in bed last night and watched a documentary, spoke about life and created a to-do list for US, I couldn’t help but think to myself, wow… I am so madly in love with this woman.

I still kind of feel like I’m waiting for something to go wrong.  I guess mainly because I am so used to everything going wrong.  I want to get comfortable and familiar with things working in my favor.  I want this way of life to feel normal.

Vanessa xoxo

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