letter sent to son by blubbering, teary-eyed mother…aka me.

Hey My Papa!

I don’t know where to start… all I know is that it’s so important that you read all the way through.  I miss you and I wish I had a more active hand in your life.  You have grown so much and I have missed so much of it.

I had you when I was very young… and I truly did the best I knew how, being so young myself.  I always wished I could have done more for you and Jazmine.  I am truly sorry for any ways that I have neglected or hurt you and your sister.  My LOVE for you is endless and if I could turn back time and raise you all over again… I would do so much differently, knowing all that I know now.

You are such an amazing son, boy… human being.  I KNOW what is in your heart, what you have been through and what you continue to go through.. I feel it from miles away.

Please always know that my love is here for you… I never want you to feel that you can’t come to me to vent, talk, cry, be held… I love you with all that I have inside of me… and your hurt is my hurt… your joys are my joys…

On this day 17 yrs ago… you were born, and I fell in love with you instantly.  I was just a baby myself… and you and Jazmine helped me grow in so many ways… I am incredibly thankful to have had you… my son… I love you and want to wish you a very happy and special day…. it’s a bitter-sweet one for me… happy that you are growing into a honorable young man… but sad that I am losing my baby…

I hope that in the years to come…as you have more personal freedom… that we can spend more time together…

Happy Birthday Cyrus… wishing you every happiness that you desire and deserve… May you continue to grow, learn and love… and may you always have a zest for life as you did when you were taking your first steps, speaking your first words and looking at the world with your eyes wide open.  I will be here to support and love you ALWAYS…

Love Always & Forever…

Mom… <3

Vanessa xoxo

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