Dear Ann,

I thought speaking to you would have resolved this issue of you speaking about me to coworkers, but clearly it hasn’t.

THE ONLY reason I spoke to you was because I am tired of hearing your constant delusional versions of your “take” on my life.

I am asking again for you to please stop it.  Its borderline pathetic.  I am being very careful with my words because I know how cunning you are.  I know how you like to make it seem like people are “attacking” you.  You go to great lengths to sabotage people.  The problem here is, you are INCAPABLE of doing such things to me.

We are on a level playing field.

Please stop your annoying banter.  Your childish behavior is reaching a level of annoyance that I cannot adequately explain to you.

You would like me to believe that such occurrences do not happen, but they do.  Again, I am asking you to stop it. Thank you.

Vanessa xoxo

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