Who would I be…

It’s seems that my fears cripple me. My self doubt paralyzes me. And my hesitations steal from me. Time.

I wonder if I had never doubted myself, where I would be. If I never second guessed. If I never questioned my dreams. If I never whispered self sabotaging thoughts into my soul. If I never allowed my heart to heed them.

Who would I be.

Would I be somewhere looking back at what could have been?

What is.

What has become me.

With thoughts of relief that I had not allowed myself to be a leaf in the wind.

I feel that person trying to whisper a different message into my soul. Trying to get me to see all I can be. All she has become in that other fearless realm where she lives parallel to me.

But her voice is growing faint as her confidence catapults her far ahead of me.

While I still question…

Who would I be…

Vanessa xoxo

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