Under the table…

I will
Write you
Under the table
With my
Hands tied
And my
Eyes closed
I will spit
What shouldn’t be spat
Words that will leave you
Walls to cushion your fall
Let me WRITE your wrongs
Was that too deep for you
Let me lighten your load
Take that weight from you
You cant handle it
My words are scandalous
I know they probably sting
Let’s get you some Calamine lotion
Just in case you had the silly notion
That the pain would dissipate
No love
It’s probably gonna resonate
How’s your threshold
High I hope
How else would you cope
With this verbal lashing
You can’t get away
I’m the first and the last and
middle too
And just like that
I’m all over you
And I will
Write you
Under the table
With my
Hands tied
And my
Eyes closed

Vanessa xoxo

  1. Ouch… nice write!

  2. A bit snide, a bit confident, a bit tart… oooh, but I really do like it. Nice!

  3. I totally enjoyed this :)
    I am the one and the last of my kind “one of the best phrases from the Alchemist” this your poem reminded me of :)

    Enjoy the potluck!


  4. This was dope, V. I have so missed your poetry… something serious. Rediscovering it all over again.

  5. amazing…

    keep writing…………

  6. wow!!!

    some poetry!!! filled with strong emotions and wrath!!!

    feelings are portrayed well here :) nice write :)

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