“Cradle me”

Last night my daughter asked me to cradle her.  She said it jokingly, but she was serious.  She stood in the kitchen giggling and swaying back and forth asking me to hold her.  I wrapped my arms around her and she said something that almost brought me to tears.  “Mom promise me you’ll always do this.” Ugh. As our mommy-daughter time comes to a symbolic end this summer, these moments tug at my heartstrings in a way I can’t explain.  She walked me over to the sofa and I sat down while she positioned herself on my lap like a big baby.  I cradled her soon-to-be 18 year old self and sang to her… you are my sunshine… and this song I made up when she was a baby.  Cheesy I know, but it was a moment I will remember forever. She actually stood in that position for close to an hour, talking about various things, and reminiscing about simpler times.  I am sure I have only a handful of these kinds of moments left before she goes off to college in August, and I am absorbing them like the sappy, emotional sponge that I am. *sigh*

Vanessa xoxo

  1. That is soooooo adorable. Big ol’ baby! Being a mother of 2 young girls, Im always stressed out, so concerned about their turnout in the future, how hard it is. But moments like what you wrote are precious, that remind you how embracing them, your touch, your kisses will always be #1 over anything.

  2. Love these stories so much… sitting here with my munchkin now as she watches me catch up on blogs and talk and coo and…. well, I just look forward to sharing moments like this with her when she comes of age.

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