Happy Birthday…

she didn’t want to make too much of a fuss of this day… she’s feeling a little vulnerable… time does that to us… as we feel it moving faster than us… but her birthday is a special day… sounds cliché and corny… but i am so thankful that she is here… and i have missed so many birthdays… so many years of her life… i want to celebrate every day of knowing her… i wish i could see all the things that have made her who she is today… watch as a bystander… as things made her smile… laugh… made her cry… hurt her… excited her… i know she reveals only a fraction of who she is… and when i think of how much i love the parts i know of her thus far… it makes me smile… i have so much more falling in love to do… <3

Happy Birthday my LOVE…

You are a gift to me each day you wake…

Te adoro…

Vanessa xoxo

  1. Thank you, baby. Why are you the most perfect thing in my life? You were everything I wanted for my birthday, which made that day, perfect. Knowing we have each other, is one very special gift, made up of many, many tiny gifts. There you are, my perfection, packaged perfectly as one great gift. I am blessed. I loved this birthday and I love you.

    • wow… thank you baby… showering you with love makes my heart so happy… looking forward to forever with you.. <3

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