Want it? Give it!

Meditating on treating others as you wish to be treated…

It seems simple enough… you want respect, you give it.  You want love, you give it.   You want consideration, compassion, kindness…you GIVE IT.

I witnessed lots of violence and unhealthy behavior in my childhood…and almost never got the treatment I so hungered for.  so I definitely don’t think it is something that is necessarily taught… or maybe it is… inadvertently.

My hunger for love and affection was always the reason why I gave it so freely… I always yearned for the same treatment in return… more often than not… I was disappointed… my kindness was often abused and taken for granted.

Today I am just as giving… and treat people in the manner in which I wish to be treated… I just don’t allow myself to be taken advantage of.

It is still my hunger that fuels me…and I still find myself disappointed at the lack of reciprocation… but today I am able to understand that not everyone has been able to take their past and their pain and use it in a constructive way.

Some people have been abused…some people have been starved of love and affection… and as a result they have allowed themselves to become hardened… cold… ruthless …callous … and even worse…  they have a sense of entitlement … they demand a level of respect and consideration that they themselves do not give.

I have had to learn that it is NOT me.  It is NOT that I am NOT worthy of all that I give… sometimes I just give it to people who are not ready to receive.

Vanessa xoxo

  1. Great post V…so true! By the way I have missed reading you, glad to have found you again. :)

  2. Easier said than done- more often than not we tend to forget to do unto others as we would have them do unto us when it comes to our own selves. But its an amazing thing to realize and to work towards =)

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