hot ankles.

those that know me well know that when i drink…my ankles get toasty…and with this toastiness comes… well… other things… it’s 2:14am and I am beyond needing affection.  I noticed the tone of blog has taken a very horny turn.  there is good reason for this.  i want…need…crave…yearn…long for… physical contact…sexual contact.  it has been too long and i have no other outlet than here…soooooo…unfortunately you guys get to be a part of my inner most thoughts, which for the time being… seem to revolve completely around (sex)…sssshhhh.

Vanessa xoxo

  1. I hope i am not too late but allow me to satisfy that desire for you. you seem intersting so i want to fulfill that wish for you. hit me up 917-815-9023

  2. I feel like I’m interrupting something….

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